This portfolio consists of my most recent, non-commissioned work. I am very versatile about what I like to shoot, though I am most drawn to portraiture and nature photography. I love playing with repetitive patterns of light and textures, as well as capturing the soul of the people I find around me. I am a “wing it” kind of photographer; often my best work comes from spontaneity rather than careful planning, and that continues to influence my style.

I devote my spare time to the study and application of the traditional forms of photography that can only be created in the darkroom.  Amongst those forms are silver gelatin printing, palladium and liquid emulsion.

I am currently in the process of assembling a darkroom in my home — since graduating from college I have had limited access to an environment to be able to produce such work. This process will be the object of attention for my blog, which I hope will be helpful to other enthusiasts of the purest forms of photography. Let’s get back to the science and chemistry!

All my photographs are available for purchase through my Etsy store. If the print you want is not available, just send me an email with the photo title and the size you would like, and I will post it within the next day or so.